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My friend’s autowinder arrived today. I immediately put her on my friend’s Lendrum and was amazed by the difference to another winder that I used to use. There is a huge ease when you loose the drag produced by the mechanical drive of the WW. If she doesn’t start using it soon I may appropriate it. 😊.
Thank you. Christina Wible

I LOVE this product. I am a devotee of the woolie winder and had doubts I could like it as well. Not only do I like it as well, but it has a feature that is a bonus. Unwinding off the bobbin with WW demands the unit unwinds with it. Puts an undue demand on the unit and it's slower. With your product, just switch it off and it becomes a fixed guide. Fabulous! If you don't have that as a selling point, you may want to include it. 

Thank you very much for your outstanding product and I'd be happy to leave feedback or a review wherever you'd like. I'm a fan already!

Courtney Wright

10.5 oz acrylic. Boy it was slipery. Spun up quickly. Love my LWS🥰
Michele B



I want to say a huge “Thank You" to everyone responsible for the LWS autowinder. It is not just the fact that this machine is efficient, lovely to look at, and well designed. Because it is all of those things. It's the dedication the Ford's having to making sure what you have works well for you, and that you understand it. It is the amazing communication and follow up, and an open invitation to contact with any issues. The selling point for me was the fact that I have a huge investment in bobbins. I like my bobbins. Some are custom made with rare woods, one is from a "Witness Oak" from the Gettysburg battlefield. With the LWS, I can use my own bobbins and not have to invest in a slew of new ones for each wheel I own (which would be a sizeable investment, but we won't discuss that now...)

I have used another winder and found it finicky, on one wheel, it just wouldn't work. I received no help or contact when I reached out for help. This product, even in beta tests was far and away superior. 

Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!

Jennifer Malinowski


I am loving the way the Autowinder works and is was a breeze to install. Your customer service was awesome. I wish you great success. 
These things are amazing. They work perfectly:-) 
Crystal, thank you :-)
I have always wanted a level winding flyer, however with all of the extras needed for other systems. I could not talk myself into the extra expense. Then along came my Autowinder :-) This is one of the best purchases that I've made in a long time.
LWS kept me informed about the process, my flyer arrived in a beautiful box with excellent instructions. The Autowind Flyer works Great.   


This flyer is awesome!! Quite and smooth and I love that I don’t have to stop to change hooks